Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Google App Engine

Google announced yesterday about their ambitious project "Google App Engine",

The idea for Google is why we should spend so much effort developing applications? Lets make developers outside Google develop applicatons for us. This is the same idea like "YouTube" the users upload the videos for Google.

Each user gets free 500MB of persistent storage and bandwidth for about 5 million page views a month.

Don't hurry to register since the project is limited to the first 10,000 developers, And there are more than 10,000 developers which already registered.

When I tried to check the App Gallery all the applications returned the following error after trying to login: "The requested page is expiered".

Google App Engine

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Michael Dorf said...

Hi, thank you for your informative post. We've also written one recently on getting started with Google App Engine. Your readers may find it complementary to yours:


Thanks again!


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