Friday, April 25, 2008

Why not using Google App Engine

After worked several days with Google App Engine, I was realy dissapointed, It seems that since it has just released and it is in "Preview Release" it contains some bugs and since Google choose Python as the programming language it make it hard to develop for programmers which don't know well Python, Here are the problems that I come with

  • Python is VERY hard language to develop applications which required Unicode, Maybe for english applications its not so bad language but when you try writing something which is not english you need to find yourself using decode, encode, unicode and other awful methos.
  • It seems that urlfetch method which retrieve data from other urls doesn't support unicode
  • I tried to upload my datastore to the application server, when I do it locally it works, however when I try to upload the datastore remotly on Google Servers it fails.
  • Datastore also doesn't support unicode characters, everything has to be in english
  • Sometimes after uploading the application to the Google Servers it says error 500, However the application works just find locally
  • Python language is the only programming language I know which requires not using Tabs inside the source code and it doesn't use { and } characters to define block but rather it looks on where the line begins. There are much more advance programming languages like Java which could fit more to be used with Google App Engine

In summary I think that I would wait some time before Google App Engine would have more stable versions.

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