Monday, April 28, 2008

Google App Engine and GWT

First there was GWT - Google Web Toolkit a very nice framework to develop Ajax applications in Java language which then translate to JavaScript, It worked with Tomcat Web Server. Then Google decide to release Google App Engine a service which provide the ability to develop applications in Python language and deploy them on their servers for free and provide datastore which is like DB to store data.

It seems like their is no syncrhonization at all with the two groups GWT and Google App Engine, once Google goes for Java and then for Python, Is there any direction to which Google wants to go to?

In their website they claim that they choosed Pyhton because it is secure language, There is no more secure lagnuage than Java, How would GWT developers would deploy their applications on Google App Engine, would they need now to convert their code to Python? I really confused

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