Thursday, March 20, 2008

Build Mashup Application

In this post I would explain how easily is to build mashup web applications, and I would list providers which provide services to build Mashup applications.

Mashup is a Web Application that combines data from several external sources into the application and thereby the development of such application is wasy and fast.

Example of such external sources are

There a lot of other external sources, like RSS feeds and others.

There are also tools which allow to build Mashup applications On-Line, This tools allows to create workflow which get sources from external resources such as in RSS format and merge this dats into one web site, The major software vendors provide such tools -

The disadvantage of mashup applications are

  • They depend on many sources, so if one of this resources is unavailable then all the mashup application becomes unavailable.
  • The performance of such applications is not good since they depend on several outer resources from different locations.
  • If one of the resources change it's API or start to charge for the service your Mashup application would stop working.

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