Monday, March 10, 2008

Terracotta - Simplfy Cluster Development

Cluster development is often very complicated, Many applicatoins needs to develop special infrastructure to support clustering such as Cluster cache, replication of data between the different servers in the cluster and each develop need to take into account the design and the implementation of his module to run well in cluster environement.

Terracotta comes to solve this problem, Terracota is Open Source and it is called "Network Attached Memory" or simply NAM. Terracotta take care for all the cluster issues, eliminate the developer the need to deal with all this complicated stuff.

For example java synchronized(), wait() & notify() can work exactly the same across several VMs as across threads!!!

Terracotta also provides In Memory DB which is durable to Server Crashes.

In summary if you are looking for an open source which can scale your application in little effort I recommend using Terracotta.

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