Friday, January 18, 2008

Top Buzzwords which make you Expert

Here is a top five buzzwords which developer needs to know in order to make himself an expert

  1. Scalability - Means that the application can handle a growing amount of work in a graceful manner, Usage Example: "I don't think that this system is scalable, A raise in my salary might encourage me to make it scalable"
  2. Robustness - Means that the application can withstand stress and can continue to operate despite ourside or inside errors, Usgae Example "This application is robustness, One time I explode it with Dynamic and it continued to run"
  3. High Availability - Means that the application ensures a certain amount of operational continuty during a given period, Usage Example: "This application high availability stinks, we need to build a cluster of servers to make it high avilable"
  4. Interoperability - Means that the applications can exchange data in commonn set of exchange format. Example: "We should expose the application service with Web Services this would make our application interoperabale"
  5. Portability - Means that the application can run on a different operating system, Example: "In a team meating I told my boss that we should write a portable application beacuse the application needs to run also in Unix, He promote me to team leader"

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