Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Java becoming old?

Some "experts" claiming that Java becoming old and that it would reach it's end in a few years,
Some of these "experts" claim that java would end as Cobol, and new technologies would be adopted such as "Ruby On Rails", PHP and Ajax.

I completely disagree with this statements, First of Cobol is still one of the most common software programming languages. Beside that other new technologies such as Ruby still doesn't mature - we've tried several projects with it and have reverted to Java.
PHP is cool, but doesn't scale as well as Java for large user base applications.
AJAX -is like Javascript and CSS; It intended to be used with JSP/ASP/HTML etc.
Java still is the best choice - by far - for development. It runs on virtually any platform and doesn't lock you in to one OS vendor or flavor. It works, and it's fast. It's a great tool for back-end and web development. Yes, it's not the newest kid on the block, and frankly that doesn't matter much - It has solid performance and results pretty well in production

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