Saturday, December 8, 2007

J2EE Rapid Development

Developing in J2EE environment should be fast and rapid, I have been working with all this J2Ee Servers - WebSphere, WebLogic, Netweaver, JBoss. All this application servers except JBoss take a lot of time to finish their startup, some of them take few minutes and some more then 10 minuets, this is pretty frustrating making some small change in the code and then wait more then 10 minutes for the server to start and then to wait some more minutes for the deploy to finish.

In JBoss it is pretty fast it take about one minute for the startup to finish, and about two minutes for the deploy to finish, This may save a lot of time to develop in J2EE Environment,

Not to mention the great feature of hot-deployment in which the code inside the method can be change without the need to restart the application server.

Many development managers doesn't take in consideration this thing when choosing application server, In my opinion this can save a lot of time and improve the development speed.


Muraliz said...


I am Murali and accidently landed on to your blogspot while surfing.

Anyways, coming back to the original thread, I do agree with your point of choosing the Application Server, smartly for development.

Sometimes for faster performance, people (like me) may turn off the deploy scanner thread of JBoss. In that case, one can go to JMX-Console and selectively undeploy the ear file. I for sure, have seen the options and never tried it. But, its an option !!

j2ee said...

Hi Muraliz

Thanks for your comment
How do you turn off the deploy scanner thread? how much does it improve the performance?


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