Sunday, December 23, 2007

Build Web Application

The big question is the technology is ready to build web application, there are many web applications out there, word processing, spreadsheet, CRM, mail reading and more...

Until now the only application that really succeed running in web is mail reading like and CRM application like why is that?

GMail succeed because you want to read you mail from anywhere in world, It has a very good spam filter which and it run pretty fast on the web, the disadvantages which it has are:

  • It is limited in storage space
  • It can't run offline and the data is not private.
  • Download/upload huge file can take a lot of time

So what the the characteristics which are require by a good web application:

  • It should run offline, so if the connection to the Internet is closed it would be possible to keep working on the application, This can be done by using Google Gear technology for example.
  • It should be able to synchronise the files on the local machine with the server if the user wants to share his own local private data with other users.
  • The Application would be able to know that there is a new software release on the server and upgrade to the new release offline.
  • The initialize of the web application would take long time only on the first time accessing the application, since then it should cache on the browser cache directory and run locally.
  • The user would be able to save his own private work data locally on the machine, the web application would know to synchronize it with the server in asynchronise way.

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