Friday, June 13, 2008

Google App Engine Tips

  1. Often your application would work just fine locally but after deploying it the application won't work, a reason for that is that when running locally there is no CPU limit but on Google servers there is a CPU limit, My advice is to deploy your application at night this would enable you to test your application live without interfering the users
  2. Check your Logs frequently to see if your application throws exceptions to the user, You should strive to a point that no error logs would be displayed at all.
  3. To delete old entities you can access from "Application Overview" then choose "Data Viewer" and then select the entity click on the top check-box and then click the delete button, once there are no rows the entity would be removed.
  4. Don't upload an application if you havn't fully tested it before locally.

More tips would be posted in the next posts

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