Saturday, February 2, 2008

2008 Acquisitions

After Microsoft bid on Yahoo for 44.6-billion-U.S.-dollar and after Oracle bought BEA and Sun bought MySql 2008 seems to be the acquistion year, the question is what would be the next big acquisitions in 2008?

Here is my bet on the next big 2008 acquisitions:

  • would be bought by either Oracle or SAP. Both of this software companies want to extend their On-Deman CRM services, Salesforce would put them on the front line, After Oracle bought People Soft and and Siebel it would want to extend it's CRM products even more.
  • RedHat would be bought by Oracle. RedHat which posses JBoss would likely be bought by Oracle which would very interest in the Linux and to extend it's middleware products.
  • Microsoft would buy Logitech to extend it's computer control devices
  • IBM would continue with it's straretgy to buy only small Start-up companies

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